Howard and Cathy MorelandRaised in the Middle East, Cathy Moreland spent summers traveling throughout Asia. As an adult, she and her husband Howard lived in many cities throughout Asia due to Howard's career as a chemical engineer for Chevron. Along the way, they visited numerous museums and historical sites. Cathy became a docent at Bangkok's National Museum.

Cultural interests were at the top of their list when the Morelands decided to retire to San Francisco. They joined the Asian Art Museum, attended exhibitions and enrolled in the Friday morning lecture series. The lectures revealed the impressive extent and quality of the collection.

They were inspired by the long and deeply rooted commitment so many Asian members have; much of it manifest in the active volunteering in every aspect of the museum.

Cathy says, "Asia has always been a part of my life. When Howard and I attended our first lecture, my body relaxed and I had a sense of home and familiarity. The Asian played an important part in my settling into the City."

As part of their commitment to the Asian Art Museum, the Morelands joined the Gump Society by making a gift in their trust. Cathy says, "this special organization embraces new ideas, sparks learning, preserves irreplaceable cultural treasures, and maintains and expands a collection that covers such a wide range of lands, cultures, and times."