Greg Potts

Greg Potts

A native of Boise, Idaho, Greg Potts grew up with Asian art displayed at home, nurturing an interest that eventually led him, as an adult, to become a member of the Asian Art Museum.

After a long career at Bank of America in marketing, product management and training, Greg traveled throughout Southeast Asia. The architecture in Thailand and Laos, its style and decoration, appealed to him.

A chance meeting at a dinner party resulted in an invitation to join the Society for Asian Art (SAA). Greg was so impressed with the people he met that he wanted to get more involved. He started volunteering for both the SAA and the museum.

"I feel so at home here," he says. "What impressed me the most is that, compared to other organizations, you feel as a volunteer you have an impact here. You feel ownership that you are making a difference. I refer to it as my museum."

In addition to Greg's active role as chair of the Travel Committee for the SAA, he has decided to make an investment in the future of the Asian Art Museum by including it in his will. "I believe there is a responsibility to give back to society if you can," he says. "I am fortunate that this is something I am able to do. I believe in the Asian Art Museum and want to help it thrive."