Alice LoweWhen Alice Lowe heard the new Brundage Collection was recruiting its first class of docents in 1965, she applied immediately, hoping to learn more about her own Chinese heritage.

More than 50 years later, Alice is an expert in Asian art and cherishes memories of meeting notables - like the emperor of Japan and the Dalai Lama - at museum events. Her decades as a docent, she says, have "broadened my thinking and acceptance of other people."

Alice's dedication to the museum goes beyond her work as a docent - she also served as chair of the Asian Art Commission, one of the museum's two governing boards. She recently donated a contemporary Chinese painting by noted Chinese collector and scholar-artist C.C. Wang, and she has named the Asian Art Museum as the beneficiary of her life insurance policy.

Having watched the museum evolve, Alice is optimistic about its current direction. "There is the concept now that the museum belongs to the community, which is different from when it first opened," Alice says. "The thinking then was that the museum was more of a resource center for scholars. The museum has become more open to the public and covers each culture in considerable detail. It's now truly representative of the community as a whole."