Q&A with Museum Supporters Jordan Sachs and Jeannie Sack

Jordan Sachs and Jeannie SackHow did you two meet?

Jordan Sachs: We met at the Fromm Institute seven years ago. My first wife, Carol, was a docent at the Asian Art Museum, and it turned out that Jeannie was also a docent at the old museum.

Jeannie Sack: Jordan was widowed and I was divorced. We were married two years ago in a Buddhist wat in Phnom Penh.

How did you become interested in Asian art?

Jeannie: I credit my father, who was fascinated with China. My parents collected objects they found beautiful.

Jordan: I give credit to the U.S. Army. I was an infantry lieutenant in Korea and spent time in Japan for R&Rs. I was struck by Japan's unique culture and attitude toward family and education. We now live in Asia for part of the year.

What inspires you about the Asian Art Museum?

Jeannie: Its accessibility. The museum has programs for children, for people with sophisticated art knowledge, and for people who know nothing about it. I also love the beauty of the building. And we're consistently impressed by the quality of the exhibitions.

Jordan: We're trying to pass on an understanding of Asia to our 6-year-old grandson. I took him to the museum last week to see the Japanese armor. He was really curious and asked a lot of questions. The 3,000 year old rhino blew him away. We were able to find things appropriate to his interests and he responded.

What made you decide to make the museum a part of your legacy?

Jordan: The museum is something we enjoy participating in. It's unique to the community. I felt that it was time to give back.

I split my IRA four ways, giving 25 percent to the museum and the remainder to three other San Francisco organizations that are important to me. It was an easy decision for me. My children are financially secure, so it won't affect their lifestyle. And they will inherit other less-taxed assets.