Betty Meissner

Betty Meissner

During her career as a French teacher, Betty Meissner focused her attention on European history and culture. But in recent years, she wanted to gain a stronger sense of her Chinese heritage by learning more about the arts and cultures of Asia.

Meissner has traveled throughout Asia, yet sometimes has had some of her best experiences here at the Asian Art Museum. Her favorite exhibition was Chinese Terracotta Warriors (2013), which she visited four times. "When I saw the terracotta warriors' site in Xi'an, I was overwhelmed, yet disappointed. I could barely see any detail since even the closest warriors were at least 15 feet down and 30 feet away from the viewing area. At the Asian Art Museum, however, I relished standing within 10 feet of the warriors, with nothing but air between me and them."

As a teacher, Meissner is inspired by the museum's educational programming for families and adults. She enjoys the broader context these programs offer, which enhances her experience of art.

Meissner wants to help promote the mission of the Asian Art Museum to connect art to life in ways that are stimulating, dynamic and accessible. She has decided to make a gift in her living trust to fund education, exhibitions and conservation at the museum. She says, "I want my gift to enable people of all ages and backgrounds to be able to learn about and experience Asian art as a part of their lifelong learning."

Your Gift Can Further Our Mission

Like Meissner, you, too, can help promote the mission of the Asian Art Museum with a gift in your living trust. Contact Director of Individual and Legacy Giving Kate McNulty at 415.581.3683 or to get started.